Shiny New Toy?


I became a shiny new toy, giving you all those exciting feelings of playing with it for the first time. What happens, when the toy only has three moves, and you’ve played them all?

I jumped, you failed to catch me after a few times. I was a boomerang which always came back after you threw me. Couldn’t wrap my mind, why I always came back.

You were a train wreck which I couldn’t stop watching. Stuck in a time loop that couldn’t seem to end. Me standing there in awe every single time.

Every excuse was a valuable truth, because you weren’t capable to ever deceit me. You had no bad bone in your body; complete perfection. It was always a tug of war, trying to see who was right.

I was in a seesaw, me begging and you running the other direction. Never letting myself roam to far from the trail because you had the power to pull me back every single time.

You built me up so high like toy blocks, just to knock me down with one swing.

After multiple scratches, bumps, and falls the toy doesn’t work anymore. Doesn’t matter how many times you try to fix it, it’ll never work the same.


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