No Hay Limites

Que tontería la hipocresía de ser menos que perfecta para una sola persona. Que la vida solamente tiene una persona que pertenece. Que no hay mas amor tan grande de la de tu alma gemela. Que la mujer debe esperar para encontrar su príncipe azul. Que cuando llego sabrás el amor verdadero. Que vivirás felizmente por el resto de tu vida.  Continue reading “No Hay Limites”


Shiny New Toy?


I became a shiny new toy, giving you all those exciting feelings of playing with it for the first time. What happens, when the toy only has three moves, and you’ve played them all?

I jumped, you failed to catch me after a few times. I was a boomerang which always came back after you threw me. Couldn’t wrap my mind, why I always came back. Continue reading “Shiny New Toy?”

Siddhartha: Enlightenment of Buddhism



The answer for truth and understanding is the focus of Siddhartha in the translated 1951 novel by Hilda Rosner. The original author is Hermann Hesse, which was published in 1922, who wrote several other books.

The book is based on Siddhartha a man who wants to know the meaning of life; the story is placed in India. He was born into the highest hierarchy of the caste system; he was meant to be a priest instead he leaves his family to become Samanas (bottom of the caste system) to see if he can find the answer his been looking for. Continue reading “Siddhartha: Enlightenment of Buddhism”

The Hobbit



The Hobbit

The Hobbit was published in 1937; by English author J.R.R Tolkien has created a world that will be talked about generations to come. Who you haven’t heard of The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings books than I may dare say you have been living under a rock.

“It was written for children that the author knew (in this case his own four children) and then inevitably found a larger audience,” said Anne T. Eaton in The New York Times. Continue reading “The Hobbit”

Letter to a Young Lady in Paris


lady bird

Julio Cortazar was an Argentine author and poet that wrote stories that was categorized as the Latin American Boom; included magical realism, musical tone, and criticism of Latin America.

Letter to a Young Lady in Paris is one of my favorite literature works from Cortazar. It is a short story that is written in first person with the protagonist and another character that is writing the story about her; so it goes from her point of view to his. Continue reading “Letter to a Young Lady in Paris”